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Welcome to a podcast episode that will change the way that you think about downsizing. Now imagine stepping into a new chapter of your life, leaving behind a spacious home, and transitioning into a more manageable space. It's thrilling, yet overwhelming emotions run high as you face the task of decluttering and making tough decisions about what to keep and what to let go. But fear not. Our guest today, Lisa Jackson, owner of Downsizing Diva Dufferin-Caledon, is here to guide us through this transformative process. From planning and organizing to overcoming challenges and emotions, we will uncover the secrets of downsizing effectively.

Episode Notes

In this episode of Realty Bytes: Conversations on Real Estate and Lifestyle, host and realtor Evelyn Lopes, introduces Lisa Jackson, the owner of Downsizing Diva Dufferin-Caledon. Lisa shares valuable insights on downsizing; how to declutter before a move to a new house along with some excellent moving tips. Lisa emphasizes the importance of starting early and creating a plan, including making an inventory of belongings, decluttering, and deciding what to keep or let go. She explains the process and services provided by Downsizing Div. Lisa shares valuable tips on packing, organizing, coordinating movers, and even the process of settling into a new home. Lisa highlights the emotional aspect of downsizing and offers tips on how to cope with the attachment to possessions. She also provides practical advice on packing efficiently, finding the right movers, and how her and her team personalize the downsizing plan to meet individual needs. This episode is packed with useful strategies, whether you are making a large or small move there is something for every home seller and home buyer making a move. The episode concludes with Lisa encouraging listeners to reach out to her for more information and assistance with their downsizing journey.


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